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Published: 26th February 2010
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United students world assembly is an organization that has been formed to represent students globally. The organization provides meetings around the world where students can exchange their ideas, vote on global issues that are affecting them through the online debate and later the issues are analyzed in global conventions and proper solutions are made

Organization goals
The organization aims at promoting democracy among the students. The organization's goals include promoting cooperation among the students in the various global institutions and promoting understanding among the students. The organization also aims at reducing poverty among the students, helping the students attain common education, promoting equality in the institution and developing an international partnership for development (Lumley, 2002).

Organization structure
The structure of the organization is composed of various sections; the top section is composed of the board of directors. These directors develop the vision of the organization and manage activities in the organization. The board members are supposed to vote on the issues raised by the students. They also provide guidance to the executive director whom they elect. Then you have the board of advisors. The work of this board is to increase the visibility of the organization, its reach and reputation. They also provide advice to the board of directors and the managing director of the organization. The organization also has staff from various international institutions. There is the managing director who manages the staff members and the activities of USWA. He is also supposed to report to the board. Advisors are also part of the staff and they are appointed by the managing director when they are needed. The staff is composed of salaried members and voluntary members. The organization should also have international officers that are the speaker and his deputy who should be elected online. The committee is responsible for carrying out duties given by the speaker and are elected by student members (Lumley, 2002).

The USWA members are allowed to carry their discussions online through electronic forums. They also vote for global issues and elect their leaders through the online voting systems that have been developed. They exchange ideas and the ideas are later discussed in depth in annual global conventions. This is the final stage where the ideas are converted into useful actions (Lumley, 2002).
The organization uses the following rules in making its decisions. The proposal on global issues is supposed to be submitted by 15th of the previous month and it should contain a title, have a 500 words explanation of why the members should discuss the issues, at least five sub questions and sources. In order for an issue to be considered for discussions at least 10% of the members have to vote. Only two issues are allowed for a discussion in a year at the annual meeting. Any affiliation should be permitted by the committee; the chapters should be analyzed by the event committee and then submitted to the speaker and vice speaker, who should submit them to the managing director for approval. For these chapters to be successful they should have at least 7 members. The members presenting the chapter should have had an event and then submit the document to the committee to be verified. The document should be accompanied by a university support and any other supporting information. (Lumley, 2002)

Problems faced by the organization
The main issue faced by this organization is lack of democracy in poor countries. This has led to lack of transparency and accountability in the countries resulting to corruption. This has made the developed countries to withdraw their aid to the developing countries causing them to lag behind in development. This is because the governments in developing countries mismanage the money. The corruption has led to health issues among the youth due to poor economic growth (Lumley, 2002).

The governments should look for better methods of fighting corruption and enhancing democracy so as to get aid and encourage economic growth. These methods will also help the organization to work well since its main aim is to provide global democracy (Lumley, 2002).

In order for the USWA organization to achieve its goals the countries should look for better ways of preventing corruption and achieving democracy. This will be an advantage to the organization as it will be able to serve every one both in the developed and undeveloped nations.

Lumley, E. (2002).The Canadian who's who. University of Toronto Press, page 567

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