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Published: 26th February 2010
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The hotel industry has been on high increase thanks to globalization which has increased the volume of people travelling around the world who seeks the hotel services as they carry on with their business or leisure activities. To gain a good experience in these hotels as a person pursing a career in the hotel industry I had an opportunity to have an internship in one of the five stars hotel in Korea.


The Ritz-Carlton Seoul hotel is only a 15-minute drive when you are from the City Air Terminal, but if you are from Kimpo International Airport it will take you approximately one hour. The Ritz-Carlton Seoul has 410 guestrooms which includes 47 suites as well as an executive society level. The hotel is located in the main commercial and residential part of Kanganam in the capital city Seoul, on the southern part of River Han. The hotel was voted as the best business hotel in South Korea for three years consecutively. The hotel is reputed for its:

• Prize-winning interior as well as exterior design

• Nine international restaurants and bars

• Six-storey vestibule features

• Dramatic waterfall lighted up at night. (The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, 2008)

Luxury Hotel Facilities

For the guests who are health-conscious The Ritz-Carlton Seoul has two floors as well as a 30,000sq ft of leisure and spa provisions. The is also rooftop Fitness Club which among the most wide-ranging fitness places in the entire city, the club has a complete Olympic size interior swimming pool together with an outdoor sun deck. An Aerobics room having expressly cushioned floors, a gym with latest machines is available in the club and treadmills when you want to get the eventual in pampering. The spa provides cold and hot sinks pools, dry saunas, steam saunas, whirlpools, and massage facilities. Golfers can put into practice their sway at the open-air driving scope, while joggers can jog from an outdoor pathway. Those who come for meetings have express right to use these fabulous facilities. In the Ritz-Carlton complex they have a barber shop and beauty salon. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, 2008)

Services and products offered

Mission of the hotel

The Ritz-Carlton Seoul Hotel focuses in meeting the personal as well as professional requirements of its customers with their distinguished personal service.

Product mix of the hotel (source: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, 2008)

Room facilities Hotel facilities Dinning and entrainment Sports and leisure

Hairdryers Available Babysitting/Child Services Caravali Pool

Mini Bar Concierge The Bar Fitness Center and Spa

Room Service 24 Hour Front Desk The Lounge

Safe Deposit Box Handicapped Rooms/Facilities Cafe Fantino Meeting Facilities

Air Conditioning Laundry/Valet Services Nyx & Nox Bar Meeting Rooms

Telephone Tour Desk The Caesar Grill Meeting/Banquet Facilities

Private Bathroom Shuttle Service Buffet Restaurant

High Speed Internet Access 24-Hour Room Service Chee Hong Chinese Restaurant

Private Bathroom Currency Exchange Counter Hanazono Japanese Restaurant

Size of the hotel

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Corporation runs 60 luxury hotels located in over 20 countries which offers premium accommodations facilities and amenities to the business people on transit and leisure or vacation travellers. The Ritz hotels are located in prime destinations; the hotels have been consistently rated amongst the best globally. As stated earlier The Ritz-Carlton Seoul has 410 guestrooms which includes 47 suites as well as an executive society level.


Ritz-Carlton hotels were established way back in1983 when William Johnson a real estate magnate and the former CEO purchased the rights to the Ritz name which had been made very famous by a Swiss hotelier Ritz.

Organizational culture

Overall, Ritz-Carlton Seoul appears to be a well-built and well-rounded company, as a leader in the industry, Starbucks has built a very strong organization culture. Research shows that organization culture and climate of an organization determines the performance of an organization. Organization culture has three main aspects which are; Artifacts, Shared values; and Basic assumptions Culture can determine the success or failure of an organization to achieve its stated mission and objectives. Culture of Ritz-Carlton Seoul defines it since it a collective beliefs and ideology shared by the employees working in an organization. Kotter (1992) observers that, culture of an organization is the main motivating force that ensures the success of an organization; which is apparent with the Ritz-Carlton Seoul.

In addition the Ritz-Carlton Seoul positions its products on a comparatively simple strategy. The hotel entirely focuses on quality and experience, instead of price. An evaluation of specialty hotel services compared to its competitors discloses very big differences. The general organizational culture can be said to be very strong.

How I got the internship

Before I got the internship to the Ritz hotel, I had to make an application to the human resource manager requesting for the position of the internship in the hotel. I had to state my qualification and the objectives of my application. In addition I stated that I wanted to work there on internship because the hotel had a good reputation and was rated as the best in South Korea for three years consequently, this of course indicated that this is a place where I could get the best practical experience required in advancing my career and getting first hand information.

My application went through and I was called after two months for an interview. Which I looked forward to attend


When I went for the interview, I was taken to the boardroom where I found several other people who had also come for internship interview. The interview was to take place in the boardroom. Those who were on the interviewing panel were, assistant human resource manger, the head of guest service department, general service manager and the head of room service.

I was asked general questions concerning the hotel industry, before I was asked specific questions concerning my career and education. After that I was asked specific information I knew about the Ritz hotel. I was able to answer well most of the questions which I was asked. The interview was basically an oral one and thus effective communication was the key to success. After the interview I was told to g back and wait for replies. Exactly after two weeks I was informed to report in the guest department to start my internship in one week time.

Who trained or oriented you?

The training was carried out by the supervisor of the guest department assisted by personnel from the human and finance department. The internship training development had four main phase which were very important for effective and success training for new internships of the hotel, the phases were formulated for effective training, and these stages were:

1. Training design

2. Training implementation

3. Transfer and outcomes

4. Evaluation (Chartered institute of personnel and development, 2002)

Human resource department

Human capital is the most important and expensive resource of an organization, many professional, and market analysts do agree that up to 80% of the organisation worth is contained in the organisation work force. Armstrong (2006) observes that, highly successful organisations understands this vital differentiator and do take the required measures to get the most out of their human resource assets. Strategic recruitment, hiring, retaining and training programs by the human resource management in Ritz-Carlton Seoul has focused on getting the best out of its workforce. Armstrong (2006)

What activities/ responsibilities did you perform?

The guest department has a lot of activities and responsibilities to be performed bearing in mind that it concerns with dealing with guests who arrive in large numbers and with diverse needs and cultures. However, among the duties I perform are:

1. Provided internal and external customer service to foreign

customers with professional manner that facilitated the development of

diversified groups

2. Organized guest information records by using specific software to

prepare managing the best service

3. Responsible for handling VIP customers' dissatisfactions

How did your responsibilities relate to your major?

As a finance major student in the university, the responsibilities given to me at the Ritz hotel especially Organizing guest information records by using specific software in preparing and managing the best service, was much related to my financing knowledge. I was able to work with records and software related in finance thus building on my finance knowledge base and getting first hand experience on using some of that software which was provided with. This responsibility thus was very much related to my major.

Describe 3-5 defining moments in your internship

I had several defining moments at the hotel which I can always remember, I first one was when I was called upon to dissatisfaction of a VIP guest, who was complaining about the quality of food he was served. When I approached the guest, who was a Korean national, I was surprised to find out that he was a minister in the government; I was so much fearful and scared tat I ended up worsening the question instead of correcting it due to my anxiety to please him. So instead of ordering a fresh order for him, I ended up ordering a very different meal which really irritated the minister, though the situation was later corrected a lot of damage in terms of customer care had occurred.

Another defining moment came when I was offering customer care services to some foreign guests from Malaysia; we had a really problem of communication because of our different background. Though, the guest could speak English which I well understood and spoke, their accent was so poor that I could not comprehend what they were saying or requesting. This situation was so embracing because we where getting nowhere yet I was supposed to be the customer care person. It took the intervention of my colleague who understands their accent well to help me out.

On the positive side of my moments at the hotel, is when I was given accounting software to work with. Though, my supervisor knew how the software was operating he had very little understanding of the software. I was glad to notice that I had covered well the operations of the software in my course work, even tough I had not mastered it well practically, I set using it I felt working on it well and my work was very effective and efficient, more so completed within a very short time. The supervisor was highly impressed of me and he asked me to show him how to use the software that efficient. It was my pleasure and after that I was highly pleased.

Those were some of the moments I had at the Ritz hotel, which were very educative and eye opening.

How would you recommend the organization to others?

The Ritz hotel is a nice place for one to work, the hotel has a good working atmosphere, dedicated staff that is willing to teach you and make sure that you well understand what you have learnt. The customer care services are excellent and the hotel has been awarded several awards for its understanding services that it is offering. As such I will easily recommend any one else to have an internship or even work there.

Do you think required internships are a good idea for school of management student?

Do the students apply the skills and knowledge they have learnt? ; This includes the theory and practical. This question can well be answered when the students is at the internship. The internship provides a vital opportunity for the students to apply what they have learnt in class and get first hand experience about real business world which is crucial for the future success for the students in they careers or as business people. It is most definite that internship training will have certain impact on the students which is impact academic and real life of the student. The internship offers the student with an opportunity to reflect and sharpen their skills through real business world. (Chartered institute of personnel and development, 2002) On that note I concluded that internships should continue being required for students.


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