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Published: 26th February 2010
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A job can be described as responsibilities and a wide range of tasks that an employee is responsible to carry out. A task on the other hand can be described as a work unit that aims at producing results. Sometimes tasks can be referred to as functions especially in complex positions. The functions, general tasks and responsibilities of a position are normally referred to as job descriptions. A job analysis on the other hand includes examination of the tasks that are obligatory in the performance of a specific job. Job analysis can also refer to the various methodologies used in analyzing a job requirement. This paper is dealing with a job analysis for a human resource manager in General Motors Company. (Rotundo, 2004)

A human resource manager in General Motors Company has various tasks which are part and parcel of his responsibilities. One of the tasks that a human resource manager in General Motors Company has is planning. This is the process of developing the company's mission and defining specific methods of accomplishing it. It can be on a broader or narrow perspective depending on the scope of the goal. (Wagoner, 2007)

Planning comes in a number of ways since all sectors in any other business require some form of planning in order to stick to what has been planned. First, there is financial planning which entails the budgeting allocations for all the programs being undertaken within the company. It also includes the setting and monitoring the financial spending of the Company in view of auditing any misappropriation of funds. Provision of benefits, compensations and salaries are also taken care of in this task. (Flores, 1998)

Another task of a human resource manager in this Company is organizing. Organizing is how the internal structure of the company is set. It generally focuses on the division, coordination of activities and how tasks are controlled within the company. In General Motors Company, the human resource manager is responsible for organizing the annual general meetings that brings together all the stakeholders on board. (Wagoner, 2007)

They also organize daily and monthly meetings within the specific affiliate factories when an issue arises. The resources available in the organization are then allocated to enable the accomplishment of the tasks. In organizing there is the division of labour and work specialization is carried out. At this task, systems in the organization are designed. There is the delegation of duties such that each person knows what he or she is supposed to do. (Flores, 1998)

Another major task of a human resource manager in General Motors Company is controlling. This is simply following up on plans to ensure proper implementation. This means that planning and controlling are closely related. The manager or the leader normally observes what is happening in the organization and compares with what was initially planned to happen. If what is happening is not as per what was supposed to happen then corrective action is taken such that those below standard required standard attain this standard.

The other major task that the human resource manager in General Motors Company has includes leading. Leadership is also described as directing people to do specific duties by influencing their personal behaviour through incentives and motivation, teamwork, individual dynamics and discipline. The core purpose of leadership is to channel all the employees' behaviour towards attaining the company's objectives.

Generally the workload for the human resource manager in General Motors Company is quite much. This is because the tasks that have been illustrated above are just but the tip of the iceberg of the responsibilities of the human resource manager in this Company. They also encompass solving the conflicts amongst employees. The workload is broad and actually the implementation of the tasks involves dealing with very many other issues of the organization. These include the finances among other resources in the Company. Generally the workload for this position is very broad such that all the tasks may never be extensively dealt with. (Thomson and Rampton 2003)

Analysis of the human resource position in General Motors Company reveals that there is some degree of rigidity in relation to the job tasks. This is because looking at this position in this Company, there is set procedures on how the tasks have to be carried out. This makes the human resource manager have to adhere to the set procedures when carrying out the various tasks. For instance, a human resource manager has the task of solving conflicts in General Motors Company but there are laid down procedures on how each conflict has to be dealt with. Therefore there is very minimal flexibility considering the job of the human resource manager in General Motors Company. (Pugh, 2001)

The hours of work for the human resource manager in General Motors Company are quite extensive. Looking at this position in General Motors Company the human resource manager goes to work by around seven thirty in the morning and leaves at around eight p.m. Sometimes the Human resource manager in General Motors Company has to extent the hours of working due to the available workload. The work intensity of the position is high because the tasks are many in relation to the available time. Another aspect is that the responsibilities of the human resource manager in this company are quite complex in nature and therefore making the work intensive. (Flores, 1998)

Looking at this job, there are various skills that are required for an individual to perform effectively. These skills include the ability to implement, prepare and also interpret employment contracts. One has to have the ability to carry out selection of employees, to conduct performance evaluations and also to discipline. Also includes having the ability to compare and measure the standards of performance. The technical skills required for this position includes having skills in computer packages, some accounting skills. For a person to hold this position he or she has to have prior knowledge in business administration and be a graduate or masters holder. (Sidney, 1999)

Other relevant skills in relation to this job include having the ability to apply motivational techniques, ability to anticipate the changes in the environment. One has to have the ability to coordinate staff activities. The following skills are relevant to this post especially when carrying out planning.

• Ability to set organizational goals

• Ability to prepare budgets

• Ability to analyse existing goals

The human resource manager in General Motors Company has to adhere to the legal codes or professional ethics that relate to his assignments or responsibilities. For instance there are professional ethics in line with solving conflicts which he has to adhere to when solving the conflicts in General Motors Company. Analysis of this real life job shows that its technological factors are not constraining but they are rather emancipatory in nature. This is because there is more freedom in relation to technological factors linked to the job of a human resource manager in General Motors Company. (Sidney, 1999)

Analysis of this job in General Motors Company indicates that this is not just a men's work. It can be done both by men and women so long as they have the necessary qualifications. Interviews carried out with the Company C.E.O reveal that the Company can recruit women for this post. However the Company C.E.O prefers to employ men for the position due to some reasons. (Maund, 2001)

This includes the fact that men have in the past carried out this role effectively as compared to the women. So generally this work can be done by both men and women but the Company prefers men to hold this position. This is because, according to the Company C.E.O, employees tend to respect male managers more than the female ones. Research also indicates that men solve conflicts better than women because women tend to involve much of their emotions.

The job of a human resource manager in General Motors Company involves emotional labour. This is especially when motivating employees. Emotional labour is a form of emotional regulation whereby employees are expected to show specific emotions as part and parcel of their job so that organizational goals are promoted. The job of the human resource manager involves emotional labour. For instance when solving conflicts, the human resource manager is not supposed to show his emotions of sympathy to one party of which this might influence his decisions. It is a requirement for the human resource manager in this Company to incorporate emotional labour when talking to customers. The manager is expected to smile and welcome customers well even if he doesn't feel like. The human resource manager in General Motors Company uses emotional labour when dealing with employees in order to motivate them. One way of motivating employees is through communication. So the job requires that the human resource manager encourages employees to continue with the work even if he doesn't feel like. Therefore this job involves much emotional labour. (Wagoner, 2007)

Employees in this Company have a voice. This is because they are consulted when important decisions are being carried out. Especially when the decisions concerning them are being carried out. Employees have representatives who put forward their grievances and opinions concerning work so that the management can work upon. Employees' voice has really helped to solve problems in this Company. It also helps them to feel important or rather valued within the organization. Employees in this organization have a union that represents them during negotiations with employers. These unions also provide employees with the necessary representation on personal matters like grievances.

Occurrence of conflicts in organizations is inevitable. They exist in all work settings no matter the location or the size of the organization. Conflicts can also either be small or large but they all need to be solved. Some conflicts are so complex that even skilled men at the workplace find it hard to solve them. The human resource manager in General Motors Company has the tough responsibility of solving conflicts within the organization. When solving conflicts the human resource manager has to use the professional code of ethics in line with this task. Most of the conflicts that exist in this Company emanate from relationships therein. (Pugh, 2001)

Relationship conflicts come up in two distinct ways. One of them is through substantive issues that in most cases were not resolved in the past. This normally results in sour relationships. The other one comes up through communication problems and clashing of personality. All these normally result in a dysfunctional cycle. All these are solved by the human resource manager in this organization. (Pugh, 2001)

This position comes along with power. That is why interviews carried out on employees in this Company show that they really respect the human resource manager. This job involves some power of delegating duties and responsibilities. He has the power to hire and also sack employees that are not performing well at work. All these powers at his disposal make the accomplishment of his responsibilities easier than if the position did not come along with them.

This job involves carrying out various control measures in the Company. Control also helps organizations to comply with laws and regulations like meeting standards in quality. It ensures that financial reporting is reliable and helps operations be efficient. This is where there is setting, communication and application of the performance standards of employees or people. When mechanisms to monitor employee's activities are put in place and the corrective action applied then the control can be termed as effective. The manager or the leader normally observes what is happening in the organization and compares with what was initially planned to happen. If what is happening is not as per what was supposed to happen then corrective action is taken such that those below standard required standard attain this standard.

This job has got security. Many employees work under indefinite contracts. When this is the case, it becomes quite difficult for an employee to be dismissed by an employer. There is job security for this job because the human resource manager in General Motors Company is employed on a permanent basis. This means that he cannot be easily dismissed from work except for very good reasons. This helps the human resource manage to carry out his responsibilities extensively. This is especially planning tasks which normally incorporate both short and long term goals. This simply means that there is stability in the job. Changes have occurred in the resent past in relation to job security of this position because initially it was on contract basis and the Company could easily dismiss the human resource manager for simple mistakes. (Maund, 2001)

This position involves organizational learning and development. Therefore the human resource manager normally undergoes training and development where his career is enhanced. Training involves a behaviour modification which is normally carried out in a formal and systematic manner. It is as a result of planned experience, instruction and education. Training and development plays a big role in achievement of organizational goals. Most of these goals are normally long term in nature. Training is part of the strategic framework of organizations. It produces a comprehensive and coherent plan that helps in developing employees and other stakeholders in organizations. Therefore this position involves advancement of individual's career so that a person keeps abreast with the current demand of tasks and responsibilities. The level of skills in relation to this job is increasing because the human resource manager is getting more experience. The pressures of this job are decreasing as the manager continues to hold the position because he gains more skills of handling the tasks in this Company. (Maund, 2001)

In conclusion, the critical analysis of the human resource manager job in General Motors Company reveals a lot in line with tasks involved. They include planning, organizing, solving conflicts and controlling among others. This is not a men's work but is also done by women. The job involves emotional labour especially when solving conflicts. The job has got security. All in all this job is taxing and involves intensive work and therefore working hard is automatic


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